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Some Bluetooth Earbuds’ Features That You Actually Don’t Need

The Wireless network is employed extensively in this present world.

  • It is actually a pulsed microwave technology that finds its use with almost every electronic device ranging from the small earbuds, smartphones to computer assistants like keyboards, media players, printers, GPS and so many other health–related equipment.
  • For example, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are such wireless initiated networks and helps in exchanging data digitally or without any physical contact over a prescribed range of distance.

Know more about Bluetooth and its effects:

While discussing on a Bluetooth ear pack, they use a two-mode cordless connection to get contact with the smart device.

  • One is the air-through technology between the ear and mobile phone and
  • the other is between a smartphone and its related transmission tower.

Such a system set our hands free to perform the daily chores while listening to music or news update. Being cable-less, one can even roam around while attending or to support a call.

Additionally, they give out desired quality sound to listen when you wear it and have control buttons to perform different associated tasks. Designed with the most stylish features and availability at an affordable price and compact size are always a source of attraction for many people.

In addition to these positivity or potential aspects of Bluetooth, they do have the unpleasant side too. The prime and the foremost concern is about the health hazards it poses.

  • It is obvious that we are getting exposed to the radiation from both the Bluetooth and that from the smartphone.
  • They do create a situation of anxiety and uneasiness and the unimaginable effects of long–term exposure to the microwaves are extreme.
  • Diseased stages like leukemia, multiple sclerosis, headaches, miscarriages, autism, hair loss, suicide are all the parts and parcel of this ionizing radiations.

The effects are tripled when answering a phone call inside a car using a Bluetooth earpiece as the radiations once emitted out reflects back on striking the metallic car surface and are naturally penetrated to the human body.

But, in spite of the knowledge of these radiations, we still comfortably use these networks and smart devices because our life is already bound to it and we cannot think of a life without it.

Points to be actually cared for while selecting the right wireless earbud

Once you are in place to get your own wireless earbud, be sure you pick the which embeds more features in it. This is so because, the more the specialty it holds, the more are the chances of its effective working.

  • The quality of output sound it renders should be your prime concern other than going for stylish colors. This is further dependent on the bass offered by the speaker that in turn relies on the frequency nature of the earbuds. They indeed share an inverse relation. i.e. they tend to produce more bass if the frequency hertz is under 14 Hz to 25 kHz.
  • Wireless Earbuds are being introduced in a variety of shades which have merely nothing to provide qualitatively other than simply attracting the users.
  • Another primary factor that you should think upon while deciding the wireless earbuds is the about the form factor of your desire. This further depends on the where or on for what purpose you will be using them.
  • Indeed, they should be powered to produce the appropriate resistance rather than keeping on emitting the hissing sound when connected to the smart devices like laptops or cell phones.
  • Moreover, install only the required drivers that the wireless earbud size can afford instead of unnecessarily incorporating them in the name of enhancing the quality of the speakers.
  • Volume variation can be limited to the safety level rather than just providing extensive volume markings. This helps to preserve the hearing ability unless otherwise will be lost if exposed to high volume for a longer period of time.
  • In fact, volume has much to do with the vulnerability of the wireless earbuds. Since they come in small pack and size, they are really sensitive and needs to be concerned if made to work for a long time.

Another feature to go for is about the size of the cordless ear pack. Get the one you can easily carry around like the mini earbuds in substitute to large and bulky one which is much difficult to handle with.

Due to the difference in size, shape, and quality of the existing cable-less earpiece products, they too come with a list of pricing. One can choose the item he can reasonably afford than opting for the luxury product.

Further, they should come with the provision of easy cleaning. There may be chances of dust coating around the buds or ear wax stick to it, blocking the output signal from the wireless earbuds.

Another feature of consideration is about the wireless earbud that can be plugged into the ears. They really snuggle to fit around the ears almost near to the ear canal which may damage it in the long run. There may be chances of blocking the same or sharing the earbuds can spread the bacteria which may further lead to infections.

The use of such tightly featured earbuds poses the risk of blocking the air circulation and hence make us suffer from a number of health problems. So, choose the earbud shape wisely and suiting your comfortability.

Being small in structure, when worn, they cannot cancel the external voice and so they do not intend to make us concentrate towards music or call conversations.

Instead of using the different material quality product in the making, they can be made with a standard quality that can increase the durability of the product and users can easily afford the stuff.

In addition to these, they can come with the property of sweat, splash and weather resistance enabling it to use under any situation varying from extreme hot climate to extreme cold temperature.

Finally, about the calling function. One has different options with attending a call like he can take it, stop it, hold it for a while, vary the sound in between and what if all these are performed in a vehicle driving state. So, it is better to get designed for the only option of taking the call just to convey the message and all other features should be regarded as useless.

Thus, we can conclude that even though some features with the existing wireless earbuds were found needless but there are other features that actually should be maintained and a few characteristics are needed to be beneficially incorporated in addition to the existing one. To know the best Bluetooth earbuds, click this link now.